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We are a 100% Mexican company incorporated in 1974, because of the interest of a group of enthusiastic entrepreneurs to innovate in the Mexican textile sector with production platforms based on machinery and processes with worldwide leading technology under a quality and commitment philosophy. We are vertically integrated from cotton to fabrication, allowing us to have versatility to produce a wide variety of products with an invariable and exhaustive quality control.

We contribute to the innovation of textile processes and production platforms that have come from and go hand in hand with technology, the highest quality standards and a trained human factor to make of our products elements offering a safe, careful and responsible experience in line with our principles and field requirements.

We make a positive impact in the entire population, we are market leaders and join the health sector with the highest level of commitment and quality in each of our products.

We understand that more than offering a product, our value rather lies in offering accompaniment and to deliver the best of us in everything we do, thus Galia’s best.


Develop solutions based on human needs, always thinking about life moments. Understand the commercial world in detail to become a strategic value-added partner in the sector.

Take advantage of technology to develop innovations.

Develop an organizational culture that is consumer-oriented and takes into consideration the brand platform.


Enrich and improve the life of individuals and their families (of our target market, collaborators and business partners) by having at least one of our products (or manufactured with our raw material) in every home and business.


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