Galia Textil

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We are Galia Textil

We are a 100% Mexican company incorporated in 1974, because of the interest of a group of enthusiastic entrepreneurs to innovate in the Mexican textile sector with production platforms based on machinery and processes with worldwide leading technology under a quality and commitment philosophy.

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At Galia Textil we have aimed at obtaining the quality system certification under international standards.

ISO 13485
since 2017


Good manufacturing practices

It has not been an easy, but we are convinced that carrying out our daily activities by operating according to a system is the foundation for continuous improvement of our processes and products.

Quality policy

We are committed to manufacturing quality medical devices required by our customers, designing new products with innovation and cutting-edge technology.

We always look for new niches of opportunity to consolidate commercial relationships with national and international markets, ensuring compliance with our customers’ requirements, regulatory authorities and interested parties.

We have a team of collaborators involved in the growth and improvement of our organization.

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